NYX Liquid Suede & Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks


Today's post will be about NYX's amazing Liquid Suedes and Lingerie liquid lipsticks. I'm going to talk about one line first and then the other.

The Story

So, being as I purchased the liquid suedes first, let's talk about those. The very first 2 liquid suedes I ever purchased were the shades "Sway" (lavender) and "Stone Fox" (dark grey). These colors were highly popular when the liquid suede line first came out. I purchased them at the very first NYX store inside of the Santa Anita Mall in California, where I reside. 

Fast forward to March 2016, my lovely and amazing fiancé decided to surprise me with a TON of makeup goodies for our 4 year anniversary. In the entire "haul," 4 more liquid suedes were included. The colors he got me were "Tea & Cookies" (pink), "Cherry Skies" (cherry red), "Kitten Heels" (bright red) and "Vintage" (mauve-brown).

I recently just made a trip to my favorite beauty store, Naimie's—which by the way—I highly recommend visiting. They are stocked with tons of makeup brands including Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lorac, NYX, Smashbox, Stila, MAC, Dose of Colors, Lime Crime and more.. way more. And, if you are a certified makeup artist, as I am, you get crazy discounts on all of these brands. Awesome, right?

Anyway, they just brought Liquid Suedes into the store, most of them were out of stock but I got the one I've been wanting for a while, which is "Sandstorm" (a darker nude). I'm literally crazy for nude lipsticks, I can't get enough of them.

Okay, so you remember that haul my fiancé got me for my anniversary? It also included the 4 Lingerie liquid lipsticks that I currently own. He got me "Baby Doll" (peach-nude), "Embellishment" (purple-grey), "Satin Ribbon" (true nude) and "Corset" (grey-nude). They are all absolutely gorgeous colors but my favorite is Embellishment. 

The Product Breakdown

Liquid Suede Formula: The formula is much like any other liquid lipstick. It's right in between too thin and too thick, so it's just right. Every one that I own is highly pigmented, not streaky or blotchy, and very smooth. You get a burst of solid ass color right when it hits the lips. They don't really dry down to a complete matte finish, like everyone assumes they do before trying them. I'd say they're more of a 'cream-based' liquid lipstick, so they don't dry out the lips whatsoever. They are pretty long-wearing, though, I've had to re-apply after eating a sandwich, but I mean.. it's a sandwich, I'm not gonna eat like a horse, lol. You can pretty much layer it on your lips as many times as you want, though I don't see why you would because it's so solid after the first layer. And after you wipe it off, it leaves a "stain" or a "tint" on the lips, much like a liquid lipstick. They're definitely not kiss-proof, if you kiss your significant other (or dog like I do), it will transfer, unless you dab some loose translucent powder over your lips. But overall, the formula is nice. It's not too heavy either. 

Lingerie Formula: The formula isn't that much like a liquid lipstick, although it does dry matte, it's more of a mousse. It's definitely on the thicker side. Out of the 4 I have tried, "Baby Doll" came out a liiiittle streaky, just a little bit, but it wasn't too bad. I did, however, have to apply some Too Faced "Melted Sugar" over it to make it a little more solid. When you swatch it, it's not streaky, but when applied to the lips, it's a different story. As for the rest, they all came out wonderful on the lips, I absolutely love them. They all dry down to a complete matte for me, unless I'm wearing any sort of lip primer or balm underneath. These are also very long-wearing, unless you eat. I've found that they come off pretty easily when eating, just right there at the inner rim of the lips, but not when doing anything else like drinking, talking etc. I know right? Talking? Yes, some lipsticks and even liquid lipsticks come off as you talk, lol. The formula is pretty build-able, I'd say after the 3rd layer you should stop, or else they can get crumbly. They also wipe right off without a stain or tint, probably because they are a nude collection. And, they are kiss-proof! So feel free to kiss as much as you want (humans and animals). 

The Application of the Liquid Suede: The application is very smooth. They all glide on so easily and you get enough formula from the wand right when you take it out to cover the entire lip. One wand fits all lip sizes! (That's a good slogan) As far as the applicator, I don't like it, I'm gonna be honest. When it comes to lip wands, I'm a little picky, as I stated in my last blog post about the Kleancolor Madly Matte Lipglosses, I like a stiffer applicator. The applicators on both the Liquid Suedes and Lingerie liquid lipsticks are flimsy. Some like it better that way because it's easier to manipulate exactly where you want the product to go, but I'm opposite. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE NYX as a brand, I've been using them for years. They're my favorite drugstore brand but I just don't like the applicators. I mean, it's not agonizing to the point where I just absolutely cannot work with them, because I can, but I'd rather use a lip brush, ya know? And it's fairly big, I don't have small lips and I don't know anyone with small lips that uses these, but I just imagine it being hard and messy to apply on smaller lips. 

The Application of the Lingerie: The application of the lingerie is also fairly smooth because of it's mousse-like formula. But I wouldn't say you get enough product to cover an entire lip without having to dip again. Applying them have all been pretty fair to me, besides "Baby Doll." I typically like to add 2 layers for extra coverage.  

The Scent of Both: I'm putting these together because they have the same scent. The scent isn't fruity or floral or fresh, it's just plain. Maybe they wanted them scent-free just like Jeffree Star did for most of his Velour Liquid Lipsticks, to keep the 'purity' if you will, of the lipsticks. It's not necessarily a chemical smell, but it's just bland, like a stale cake or something. It's not necessarily bad though, I can smell it all day long if I was the scent smelling person at their factory, which I'm 99% positive they don't have, lol. But you get what I mean.

The Packaging of the Liquid Suedes: The packaging is this big and bulky tube, which I like, and each tube is the color of which it contains. You get a full 0.13 fluid ounces, and the name of each color is printed on the tube, as well as the number of the color on the bottom. The top of the tube (the cap that holds the wand) has this cool geometrical looking 3D design, which makes it look more appealing! 


The Packaging of the Lingerie: You get the same amount in these as you do in the Liquid Suedes, except the tube is a standard longer and skinnier tube, which you'll see on lots of other brands that make liquid lipsticks and lip glosses. The name of the color is also printed on the tube, but the tube is clear so you can see how much product you might have left when you're running out, lol. They're both solid, or what I like to call "Glasstic," it's a word I made up to explain the feeling of glass but is plastic. If you read my last blog post you'll see what I'm talking about, haha. 

My overall rating of the Liquid Suedes would be 4.2 out of 5 stars, only because of the applicator, I don't have a problem with anything else. 

My overall rating of the Lingerie liquid lipsticks would be like a 3.9 out of 5, that's not only because of the applicator but because of the streakiness of "Baby Doll" and they probably have 1 or 2 more that have the same effect. BUT, I will totally buy more from this line! I will probably buy all of them. I love these liquid lipsticks and they're highly affordable, so why not?  

I hope my review and breakdown of the products helped you decide on whether you want to buy 1 of the 2 lines, or both :) I hope you do! Because you'd be missing out on some good stuff! ;)  

Thanks for reading!

-Bryana<3 xo