My View on Morphe


Hey guys! Today I am going to share my view on Morphe (pronounced mor-fee, weird right? Lol) eyeshadows/palettes. I currently own four of their palettes: the 35O (most popular), 35B, 12NB and the 12Z—I just love them so much!

Morphe is an incredible brand that holds high quality at an affordable price. With a HUGE range of colors—whether it be single eyeshadows or palettes—every single eyeshadow they have is highly pigmented, long-wearing and very easy to blend. In fact, I've never had to wear an eyeshadow primer or base when wearing them!

It's not just their eyeshadows that are great—their concealer and foundation palettes, blush and contour palettes and of course, brushes (what they were first known for) have proven to be well worth it. Morphe has a wide range of brushes for anything you could ever imagine—eyebrows, eyeliner, fluffy crease brushes, highlighting, contouring, foundation, concealer and the list goes on. With no surprise, every brush is amazing and incredibly soft!

I have never paid over $25 for a product there which is a great deal. Not to mention they are also cruelty free! If you have yet to try Morphe products, I highly recommend that you do! I promise you will not be disappointed. Although, for those of you who aren't within driving distance from their single location in Burbank, CA—you'll have to order online. If you do get the chance to visit their physical location, I highly suggest you stop by. That is, if you're a makeup junkie like me ;)

To sum it all up, Morphe is just an incredible brand. All their employees are friendly, their products are beautiful and for those who order online—they ship fairly quick. Go give them a try!

Excuse the picture quality, this was a last minute post I just wanted to share with you guys! I hope this brings you some new information and if you have any questions/comments, feel free to leave a comment! If you'd like to check out Morphe, just click here!